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Who is Wizardru?

Well, he is me. (that's a help, eh campers?)

You know, there's an exercise that they do in 12-step plans and AA, I believe. We're not going to play that game, but in essence, it's the Who are You? Game. People ask you that question, and you have to answer, never repeating the same answer. The idea is that eventually you strip away all of the self-images, and try to get the person to see who they are, how they define themselves, and so on. Why are we going to play that game?

Well, for starters, I'm not in AA or on a 12-step program. More importantly, to me, is the fact that for a game, it's terribly unbalanced and the rules really don't favor the player. Which is all a roundabout way of saying that I AM A GAMER.

This, more than anything else, is what defines me, I think. I love games. All kinds of games. Board games. Computer Games. Video Games. Role-playing Games. Wargames. Card Games. Puzzle games. I just love 'em. (except for maybe my family....I love my wife [who is a web goddess, I'll have you know] and two little ones, Molly and Sean, more than gaming....but then, we're a gaming family, so go figure).

I love Science Fiction, it's true. I love Anime lots, as well (going on over 20 years now...spooky!). I enjoy working with computers, and in the workaday world I'm a Network Architect and professional Geek.

I am a Gamemaster in most Role-Playing Games you can think of, most especially my first love to whom I have recently returned, Dungeons and Dragons. Word on the street is that I'm a darn good one. Don't believe me? Click here to visit my own Personal Story Hour at one of the best D&D sites on the web. (Oh, for the record I've GM'ed GURPS for about 16 years, too). I'm also a card-carrying member of the RPGA, baby.

Beyond that, I think I'm a swell guy, but then I'm biased. For those who care to know more, there's always e-mail.

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