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OK, we all know how this works.

This is the new website. We're working on it. Get off of our case. What you see here is what the web goddess (that would be Karen, my charming and graphically gifted wife) has been working on. I'd show you what my last web design looked like, but your eyes would bleed like the end times in the Bible. I mean, it was NOT pretty.

New stuff this week: A review of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, the movie that has no live actors, no real sets, is all CGI and cost $70 million to make. Oh, and I hear there's a movie there, too. Also reviews of the PC game Undying and the latest from George R.R. Martin, "A Storm of Swords." Look for more reviews as I get to them.

Also Also Wik: A new Rant is up about the joys of provisioning. Rot in Hell, Verizon. Faster Pussycat, Kill, Kill! (I'll give you a quarter if you can find the Monty Python refernce on this page).

Oh, and there's that obligatory, who are you page which TELLS YOU NOTHING, and leaves you a horrible empty shell, yearning for darkness. Or something. Sorry, that was a Mike Myers' Dieter moment there. Move along folks, move along.

Specific links pages are coming!!!

In the meantime, chew on these: – Scott Kurtz reinvents the modern cartoonist daily...oh, and he has a funny little comic that is less and less about computer games, but still damn funny. – If you don't go here for computer game news, you probably don't get computer game news at all. Or you're not l88t. Bizatch. I just like saying Bizatch. Watch: Bizatch, bizatch, bizatch. See? Told you so. – If you play Asheron's Call, you should be going here every damn day. If you don't, you should be going here...ummm. No, wait, scratch that. – It's the freaking Internet Movie DataBase. I mean, really, do I have to point you people to everything?

Well, that's enough for now. Get your feet of the couch.



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